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RAB Flies tied by Tony Biggs

December 16, 2010

These are flies tied by Tony Biggs. The story of the name ‘RAB’ is something like as follows: Tony and 2 friends were fishing on local stream together. The fishing was slow and at lunch they decided to split up and fish on their own  for a while. After sometime they regrouped. Tony had caught his bag of sizeable  fish – these were days prior to catch and release – and the other 2 hadn’t caught a thing. One of the guys asked Tony what fly he caught them on and Tony showed them a fly like one of the flies shown here. It was tied with red Pearsall’s Gossamer silk and had a pronounced red spot at the tail. Tony’s friend promptly dubbed it a ‘Red-Assed Bastard’. And so the RAB was born. The then president of the Cape Piscatorial Society, AC Harrison, in the interests of decorum decided it could also be known as the ‘Rough and Buoyant’. These are great flies to fish on days with a light breeze. Fish will move far too intercept them.

Interestingly Tony doesn’t use a bobbin to tie. He simply snaps off a length of thread sufficient for the fly and then hangs a pair of hackle pliers onto the end of it. After hand whip-finishing he then simply snaps the remaining tag off. Scissors are used sparingly.

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  1. Bob Brockett permalink
    December 17, 2010 3:02 am

    Amazing flies! Some remind me of the old and now rarely seen skater patterns here in America, though less obscenely hackled. Perfect balance, fore and aft. Elegant, in a word. Kudos to Mr. Biggs. If I were a trout…well, nevermind…thanks for posting these, Steve!


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